Body Composition Analysis 

Get a Dexa (DXA) Scan or InBody body composition analysis for bone density testing, muscle mass testing, body fat percentage analysis and more.

Why measure body composition?

By measuring the amount of bone, fat, and muscle mass in different parts of the body, a Dexa scan can provide a detailed picture of a person’s overall body composition. This information can be used to monitor changes in body composition over time, assess the effectiveness of diet and exercise programs, and identify areas of the body that may be at risk for injury or disease.

DEXA for more than just bone density analysis

In addition to measuring bone density, a Dexa scan will also give you your lean fat body mass, and fat, including visceral fat. Visceral fat is linked to a variety of health complications and chronic disease. By understanding your levels, you can make lifestyle changes directed towards improvements.

The science behind DEXA scan

A Dexa scan, short for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses two different x-ray beams to measure the density and distribution of bone, fat, and muscle in the body. This non-invasive test is commonly used to assess bone health and diagnose osteoporosis, but it can also be used to analyze body composition.

Our Process

Step 1

Schedule your visit

Start with a 15-minute virtual consultation with one of our exercise physiologists or book your DXA scan directly online.

Step 2

Complete your assessments

Come into one of our performance labs for your assessment. We’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure a comfortable and rewarding experience.

Step 3

Review your data and recommendations

Immediately following your assessments, your physiologist will go over your individual profile, helping you understand your data and recommendations.

Step 4

Apply your results

Apply your results to help reach your goals, and gain access to training plans, coaches, and specialists from our performance network to help.

What to expect during your DXA body composition scan

During your visit, you will be asked to line on the DXA table and the physiologist will help position you correctly. 

The scan itself will take between 10 and 20 minutes and your physiologist will review your results with you immediately following your scan.
You’ll also receive a report with your results which you can take with you and share with your primary care provider if you choose.

Body Composition Pricing & Packages

InBody body composition analysis for $75, or upgrade to the gold standard DEXA Scan for $300. Explore our assessment packages for more options.

Frequently asked questions.

We welcome referrals or prescriptions, but it is not required to book your appointment. If you do not have a prescription we’ll work with you to obtain one prior to your appointment.

Yes, the DEXA scan is approved by HSA and FSA for reimbursement. In some cases you may need to submit your receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

The Dexa scan takes approximately 10 minutes.

A body composition analysis is a test designed to provide information on how much bone, muscle mass, and fat a person has within their body.

BMI, and other general measurements of body mass are only estimations. The DEXA scan is a precise measurement  of your body composition within 1-2%.

A body composition analysis is measuring internal factors not able to be measured by a traditional scale. By measuring bone, muscle, and fat mass you get a detailed breakdown on what is going on inside of your body.