Professional Bike Fitting

Get a professional bike fit in half the time of a traditional bike fit. We use the world-class IDMatch bike fitting system paired with a professional bike fitter – giving you the precision of bike fitting technology combined with the art developed through decades of experience.

Why get a professional bike fit?

From weekday commuters to competitive triathletes, everyone should experience the comfort, efficiency and performance achieved through a professional bike fit. Our bike fit engineers will make sure your bike is set up perfectly to optimize your comfort and performance for any ride.

IDMatch Bike Fitting Technology

Bike-Fitting Tech
AI, mechatronics, and markerless software, paired with a 3D scanner, ensure a unique and precise bike fitting experience for any rider.
Works for any 
Bike Setup
Road, MTB, Gravel, Triathlon: 
improve cycling performance and comfort
 based on your needs and 
physical characteristics.
Exclusive US 
Human Powered Health introduces IDMatch to the United States, one of only a few locations nationwide offering the gold standard in bike fitting service.
Unparalelled Expertise
Trust Human Powered Health for IDmatch bike fitting—our expert team and tech enhance your cycling performance, safety and comfort. 

Meet our Head Bike Fitter

Bjørn Selander is a former American professional road racing cyclist. Originally of Norwegian descent, Bjørn has competed in road races around the world. Now, Bjørn coaches a variety of individual and team cyclists, He combines years of training with decades of personal experience to ensure each bike is fitted based upon every rider’s personal needs.

Our Bike Fitting Process

Step 1

Pre-fit consult

Start with a 15-minute virtual consultation with one of our bike engineers to ensure we set up the optimal bike fit appointment and answer your questions.

Step 2

Complete your bike fitting appointment

Schedule your bike fit service at your convenience. We’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure a comfortable and rewarding experience.

Step 3

Review your results and recommendations

Immediately following your appointment, your bike engineer will go over your results, helping you understand and apply your recommendations.

Step 4

Ride with the confidence of a perfect fit

Apply your new fit to help reach your cycling goals – whether that’s riding with more comfort, or smashing a PR.

Book an IDMatch Bike Fitting

Book an IDMatch bike fitting for $350 ($175 for a junior fit), or explore our cycling assessment packages to unlock your full performance potential.

Frequently asked questions

A professional bike fitting at Human Powered Health is a custom fitting process designed to fit your bike to your unique body and riding style. Like getting fit for golf clubs or snow skis, a proper fitting ensures comfort, safety and performance.

The goal of a bike fitting is to maximize comfort and performance while fixing any potential imbalances or injury risks based on individual riding styles.

No. Whether buying new or simply looking for more comfort and performance from your current bike, the fitting process can provide huge benefits.

Our Bike Fitting process takes approximately 2-3 hours from start to finish.

No, bike fittings are for any cyclist who is looking to maximize their comfort and minimize potential injuries. Entry level bikes to professional racing bikes and all skill levels can benefit from a bike fit.

We fit nearly all types of bikes. We offer fitting for gravel bikes, fat tire cycles, mountain bikes, road cycles, commuting bikes, touring cycles, hybrid cycles, and triathlon bikes.