1 year ago by Rebecca Bland

Rally Cycling welcomes LEM Helmets

LEM Helmets to provide team’s head protection for 2021

Rally Cycling is excited to announce a new partnership with Italian-rooted helmet manufacturer LEM Helmets. Founded in 1972, ‘Lavorazioni Elmi Magnani’, which translates to Magnani Helmet Technologies, was established by Romano Magnani, an innovator, and passionate two-wheeled sports fan. Initially focusing on helmets for motorbike riders, he was instrumental in creating one of the first European safety standards across helmet technology. LEM, now headquartered in California, is devoted to high-performance, comfort, and style, and this is reflected in the quality of the helmets they produce.

“We’re excited and looking forward to our partnership with Rally Cycling this year and in the future,” said Keith Cozzens, LEM’s global brand marketing director. “The team, organization, and its other partners are world-class, and we’re enthusiastic about building a relationship that supports the team’s growth and success on the world cycling stage.

The team will choose from LEM’s three high-performance helmets: the new, soon-to-be-launched, aero Motiv™Attack and Motiv™Aero for time trials, and the already well-established Motiv™Air. The team will also have LEM’s Volata helmet.

“The riders will exclusively wear a collection of our road-inspired helmets, and through working closely with the team and riders, we can collect invaluable product insight for next-generation development that enhances the benefits for professional cyclists and consumers around the world,” added Cozzens.

The MotivAir is the helmet for the climbers on the team. One of the most well-ventilated helmets on the market, it only weighs 220g which is perfect for weight weenies. LEM uses their proprietary exoCarbon™ technology to create a carbon fiber exoskeleton along with low-density EPS foam to improve the helmet’s strength-to-weight ratio. These innovative features, along with a micro-adjust custom fit, mean the riders will stay cool without compromising on protection and performance.

Next in the road helmet lineup is the new MotivAttack, an aerodynamic beauty with a streamlined design and dimpled panels. The MotivAttack is perfect for sprinters and rouleurs who might find themselves in a breakaway that comes down to a sprint, or largely flat races where every aerodynamic advantage counts towards the win. The helmet includes LEM’s lightweight Tech Integrated™ PC shell technology with in-mold EPS foam, 11 vents, and anti-microbial ionic+™ padding.

LEM is also providing the team with their new time trial-specific helmet, the MotivAero. This lightweight helmet features a removable magnetic tail profile, which is ideal for customizing a rider’s TT position. A durable, anti-scratch optic shield lens is attached magnetically to the front of the helmet to protect the rider’s eyes and allow them to focus completely on the task ahead.

Current junior world pursuit record holder Magnus Sheffield recently spent time in the wind tunnel before traveling to Spain for training camp. The results from his test were tremendous.

We brought a number of different aero helmets and the MotivAero tested faster in every head position I tried,” said Sheffield. “The helmet’s tail is perfect in that it sits streamline with my back and does not act as an air brake when I have my head tucked down. It’s perfect.”

LEM plans to produce custom tail fairings for the team so that each rider can enjoy the same benefits as Sheffield.

“Partnering with LEM Helmets is a significant moment for our program. The safety of our athletes is our top priority and we’re confident we’ve reached the pinnacle of helmet technology with LEM. The riders are thrilled about the comfort and variety of models available to them. Bring on 2021,” said Performance Director Jonas Carney.

Rally Cycling looks forward to representing a helmet brand with such a strong heritage, craftsmanship, and performance pedigree like LEM in races across the globe.