1 year ago by Rebecca Bland

Rally Cycling partners with sports nutrition company First Endurance

Riders to use entire range of products from supplements to hydration mix

Rally Cycling is pleased to announce a new partnership for 2021 with international sports nutrition company First Endurance. The team will receive First Endurance’s full line of endurance products including daily supplements, drinks, and formulas designed for consumption before and during exercise, as well as all-important recovery products.

Founded in 2002, First Endurance has worked to become a pioneer in its field by developing cutting-edge sports nutrition products that are a step above the rest. The company prides itself on being scientifically validated, using research-driven methods to provide top products for their athletes.

“I’ve known a number of the riders and staff at Rally Cycling for a long time,” said First Endurance Founder and CEO Mike Fogarty. “We’re excited to partner with the team because they understand the significant role endurance nutrition plays in performance. We have a dynamic relationship with the team, and we’ll use their input and feedback to evaluate and test new prototypes in the hardest, most demanding races in the world.”

As Rally Cycling continues to make waves in Europe and commits to even more top-tier races, this new relationship with First Endurance will help the riders in their drive to get the best out of themselves and push their performance to the limit.

“For us, this is the ultimate testing ground,” added Fogarty. These athletes are competing at the highest level of the sport and, like First Endurance, they’re passionate about being better than they were yesterday. What we learn at this level will help our Research & Development team and athletes stay at the forefront of endurance performance.

First Endurance may be a new partner for 2021 but it’s a brand the riders are very familiar with.

“I’ve been using First Endurance products for years,” said Heidi Franz. “I used to have serious issues with getting sick, dealing with fatigue, and low iron and ferritin levels. I started taking the MultiV Pro and began to see huge improvements in my recovery and immune system response.

“When paired with OptygenHP, I was able to stay healthy, train at a volume I had never done before, and be ready for lots of compacted, full gas racing. I could go on about their products but what sets First Endurance above the rest is their clinical research, top-quality ingredients, and transparency. They’ve always exceeded the measures that brands need to meet to be safe and within WADA and all other anti-doping regulations and I feel super confident in what’s going into my body.”

At the team’s recent training camp riders used the EFS Hydration Mix, which provides proper nutrition levels needed to support their mental and physical performance. They also sampled the EFS-PRO Hydration Mix, which supplies the perfect balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes during exercise, allowing athletes to push harder for longer.

When the riders need to take on more calories, they turn to the Liquid Shots. These are used in place of gels and are far gentler on the stomach. They provide a boost of energy via electrolytes, amino acids, and carbohydrates, perfect for when the riders are on the limit.

After training rides and races, the team will use Ultragen Recovery Mix. This advanced formula is designed to boost energy levels, accelerate recovery, and help riders bounce back fast so they’re ready to do it again the next day.

And for everyday use, the riders have the OptygenHP supplement. These contain Beta-Alanine which is proven to improve tolerance to intense exercise and enhance an athlete’s muscular endurance if used over a period of time.

“I’ve used all of the products in their lineup,” said 2017 Tour of Utah champion Rob Britton. “Optygen, Ultragen, and Multi-V Pro have been a consistent part of my key race preparations and the largest successes of my career.”

I’ve always been impressed with the quality and purity of their products,” added Britton. “We’re tested countless times during the year and I would never put something in my body I didn’t trust. It doesn’t hurt that their products taste great. Chocolate Ultragen is a 10 out of 10!”

Nutrition can be the marginal gain that can win or lose a bike race. The team is confident that First Endurance is a brand whose knowledge and scientific approach to development and innovation will help the riders perform to their best. Rally Cycling looks forward to the year ahead with First Endurance in their corner, their bottles, and their pockets.