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Evan Huffman’s final bike race

29-year-old American claimed two stages at 2017 Tour of California

Evan Huffman pulled down the curtains on his professional cycling career after the final stage of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah.

The 29-year-old American, who is best known for a 2017 season that included two stage wins at the Tour of California as well as overall wins at the Tour of the Gila and Tour of Alberta, told Cyclingnews during the recent Tour of Utah that the rigors of travel and his plans to start a family drove his decision to retire following the 2.HC race.

“By a lot of accounts it seems too soon,” Huffman said. “When I first told my coach, he was very surprised. He said, ‘Well, physiologically there’s still more to give and maybe room to improve.’ But for me, it was just getting burned out on the lifestyle, traveling so much.

“Getting married two years ago changed a lot for me,” he said. “I still enjoy riding my bike and racing. That’s kind of stayed the same, maybe a little less than when I first started, but then I have a lot more things outside of cycling that I enjoy more. It’s always been a balance and a sacrifice, and I got to the point where I felt like I was sacrificing things that meant more to me to keep cycling, mainly time at home with friends and family. So it’s time to make a change.”

And Huffman has some big changes in mind. He and his wife are planning to start a family through the foster-to-adopt program.

“We decided in April that we for sure were going to go that route, so at this point, we’re fully certified to do it, so we’re just holding off accepting placement until the middle of September so I can have a little buffer time to just enjoy offseason or retirement,” Huffman said.

“That’s a big part of it. It’s been hard already the last year or two, being away from home so much, but now with a baby or a kid at home, it would be another level for sure.”

Read Huffman’s full interview with CyclingNews here.